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Overtraining Signs

Overtraining is when your body stops properly recovering. It can have many side effects and in turn be harmful to yourself instead of beneficial. Remember Exercise is GREAT for your mental health and physical health, but it is a STRESS on your body. So you must recover well.

To lose body fat, gain muscle, perform better and build your immune system you need to make a balance of training and recovery. Results take time and running your body though the ringer isn’t going to speed up those results its going to have the opposite effect and cause you to experience no results and feel worse rather than better.

It is best to check in on your self and lookout for these signs of overtraining.

  1. Irritability

  2. Fatigue

  3. Constant muscle soreness

  4. Becoming sick often

  5. Struggling to get through a training session

If you are experiencing some or all of these signs, start thinking and checking in on your recovery. DON’T STOP your MOVEMENT! Listen to your body and dial up on your recovery tools to continue your HARD WORK!

Remember to….

Get 7-9 hours of SLEEP

EAT well

Use your tools. (Foam roller, stretching)

Vary your training program

Reduce stress with meditation, yoga or breathing exercises.

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