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Planning to Win With Nutrition

What does it take to have good nutrition?!

Wouldn’t we all like to know…

Well, to know, we first need to define what is “good” nutrition. The answer there is really the dreaded, yet truthful, “it depends”.

Good nutrition for what exactly?!

Good nutrition for a triathlete is different from good nutrition for a powerlifter which is different from someone on a fat loss journey.

So, it depends on good nutrition for what purpose.

Whatever your greater purpose for nutrition is, there are some key principles that you must follow. We reviewed some of the basic principles in our 4 Pillars: Nutrition post last week but it’s worth a very quick recap of listing them here.

They are: Eat whole/unprocessed foods, focus on portion control and eat mindfully.

We’ll continue to unpack those more as we go along so stay tuned.

For today, another key ingredient in your nutrition arsenal that we’re going to focus on is PLANNING!

Are you a planner?

Is that something you have always been good at?

Maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to but never really tried or have tried and not been able to stick with it.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We’ve all heard that line in some version or another. No one really intentionally plans to fail though, do they?! Well, in some cases, whether it is intentional or not, we do plan to fail. How many times have you set a half-hearted “goal” (a.k.a. New Year’s Resolution) going into it with the mindset that you’re most likely going to not succeed?

That mindset is pushing you into a lot of your habits and behaviors such as not planning and prepping to then be able to eat whole unprocessed foods, focus on portion control and eat mindfully. If we’re not ready, not having a plan, then we can’t act as well or for as long as we think without a lot of extra "discipline" and "will power". Someone or something will have a plan for you or you can have a plan for yourself. Not saying it will always work out that way. We can’t always anticipate what each day will bring. But having a plan in place at least gives us a good start and something to go off of.

What is planning?

Planning is playing defense against what life throws at you as it gives you options through disciplined practice. Planning can take many forms. It can be having a plan made up for you (doesn’t always work as well as you might think!). It can be as simple as having a grocery list when you go to the store or for your online ordering to make sure you have what you need for your weekly menu or as complex as doing hours of color-coordinated food containers, Instagram-worthy food prep on the weekends to go with your meticulously planned, to the second and to the bathroom breaks strict macros/keto nutritional plan.

So if you have always wanted to but always felt intimidated by food prep, where do you start?! Well, start with starting! What is one small step you can take, that you are ready, willing and able to take TODAY to get better at planning?

Are you going to the store later? How about making a list before you go?

What are you having for dinner tonight? I promise not to argue with you like your spouse or kids might. How about getting them involved and letting each family member pick something for dinner one night a week?

Do you pack food each day? When could you do that? The night before after the kids go to bed is my time to do that and it saves me a TON of stress each day! Would that be something you are ready, willing and able to do. How about having the kids help with packing their lunches even once a week?

There are a LOT of great ways to get started. The key is to start with starting. Remember that small habits lead to big change. Planning doesn’t have to be a monumental task or effort. It just needs be something that you can start with, something you can progress with and something you can repeat (you are what you repeatedly do!).

So, let’s get started, today, right now and start planning to win with nutrition!

Here are a couple more great tools to help you get started:

Now, again, it’s up to you to take control over what you can control, your choices, and choose to get started!

Choose to make today a GREAT day!

Eat well, move often, be grateful, and do it repeatedly!

Brain Fischer

Edge Fitness

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