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Fitness & Performance Coaching

Personal Training – Work 1-on-1 with your certified personal Fitness Coach to effectively and efficiently design a path for your fitness and performance success. One-on-one coaching is a great way to learn how to take actionable steps towards discovering your hidden fitness potential in a safe and sustainable way. Personal coaching focuses on your own individual movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset needs to help you conquer your goals and help you continue to grow and see new goals you never even thought of. 


Online Coaching – Work with Edge Fitness from anywhere in the world! Online coaching with Edge Fitness provides affordable personalized fitness and nutrition programming also available for those wanting to workout at their own home or gym and on their own schedule.

Nutrition Coaching

Nuts and Bolts – Work with your fitness and nutrition coach as part of your fitness coaching experience at Edge Fitness or just focus in on your nutritional basics to help support an already existing fitness program. Nuts and Bolts focuses on solidifying your knowledge of several key fundamental nutritional skills. Mastering these skills with the help of your coach will help you properly and consistently work towards building the nutrition habits and behaviors that you will need to help you reach your goals. Combining the superpowers of proper nutrition, movement, recovery and mindset will help you achieve the lasting health, fitness and performance goals you have always been looking for.

Functional Movement Coaching

FMS - Understanding fundamental movement principles is essential for effectively and efficiently designing your path for success. Movement screening will help to optimize your understanding of movement and how setting a baseline can positively impact it. At Edge Fitness that baseline tool is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS helps pinpoint where your greatest training opportunity lies. Working with your Edge Fitness coach, movement screening will help you to know how to train with purpose and precision and how to take actionable steps towards your goals by uncovering your hidden potential. 


FCS – Once you reach an acceptable range of movement competency, the Fundamental Capacity Screen can be the next step to help you successfully progress your training to the next level. The FCS will look at how efficiently your body interacts with the environment around you and the stresses being applied to it to best determine your capacity for movement. Working with your Edge Fitness coach, you will be able to use this information to safely continue on the path towards creating the sustainable movement fitness and movement health you seek.

Golf Fitness

TPI Golf Fitness Screen – Athletes, like anyone else, benefit from a healthy, efficient body and movement skill set. Because movement efficiency is unique to everyone, you must first be screened. Our TPI Golf screen (not just for golfers, but any rotational sports athletes including golf, baseball, tennis, throwers, kickers, strikers, etc.) involves assessing your rotational mechanics and biomechanics, movement quality, health and activity history. Working with your Edge Fitness coach we will use the results of this screening process to create an individualized performance plan to help you in the movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset areas that you need to unlock your movement and performance potential.

Massage Therapy

You work hard, you play hard. You want to be able to keep working and playing hard without movement restrictions and limitations or chronic aches or pains slowing you down. Proper recovery strategies are key to help you continue doing the things that you want and need to do. Massage Therapy focused on your physical recovery needs can help you to find that often missing component of a successful, long-term health, fitness and performance strategy. At Edge Fitness, your massage will include a seamless blend of Orthopedic, Sports massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Swedish, ART and Neuromuscular techniques focused on your individual recovery needs to help you move, feel and perform your best.

On-line Training & Nutrition Coaching

Precision Nutrition ProCoach Online Coaching – Expert nutritional coaching and personal accountability from Edge Fitness and Precision Nutrition will help you stay consistent with the habits you need to get in the best shape and stay there. The movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset skills, habits and behaviors you will learn with Edge Fitness and Precision Nutrition will help you transform your body and your life. And you will do so by focusing on small, powerful and sustainable habits that you can use every day. The ProCoach online coaching experience is delivered in an easy-to-use online platform, with nutrition only or nutrition and exercise programming options available (movement coaching can also be done in person with your Edge Fitness coach). 

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