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Training for a #GREATERpurpose

Have you ever been interested in running, completing or competing in an Obstacle Course Race? I’m sure you have heard of them through friends or seen them all over social media. These races vary in length at least 3 miles or more. The miles are broken up with different obstacles challenging your body and fitness level. Some of the obstacles include monkey bars, rope climb, bucket carries, A-frame climbs and many more.

The OCRFit program is compiled of a mixture running and strength days to progress, improve and protect your body to run in a race. We offer OCRFit here at Edge Fitness in a couple different styles, a virtual option through our EPIC online training app or small group session.

Check out this video 🔝 to see the wk 2 strength day I completed on Thursday to work towards the Ridge Run Race on June 12th.

If you are intrested in running this race with me as a team, want to get started training or have any questions, leave a comment below. ⬇️

Let’s train and race as a team!

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