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Benefits of Movement in the Gym

During times like these, it has become challenging to find the benefits of training at a gym. Some would argue that training at a gym can be risky. With this outlook many people have just stopped their training all together to wait for everything to be back to “normal”. Unfortunately “normal” will no longer be what it was. “Normal” will be what we create it to be.

Stopping your movement will or has had already, negative effects on your health. A better alternative to not training at the gym would be at-home workouts, which is a GREAT way to keep up on your health and fitness. If you are not taking advantage of that alternative please STOP derailing your health and fitness and do these few things to decide for yourself about the safety for you to return to the gym. First gather information by asking questions, looking at the facilities protocols for the pandemic and get feedback from others. Then decide if going to the gym is the safe decision for your personal self. Last but not least, this is actually a very important one, you need to accept what “normal” is now.

At Edge Fitness we make it a priority to…

-Create social distancing, by limiting the amount of people in the gym (schedule a time), spreading the equipment out and marking space.

-Clean and Sanitize, by providing the proper cleaning utensil, cleaning touch points and equipment throughout the day.

-Make sure everyone is wearing masks when appropriate like; Entering and Exiting the building, in the hallway and in treatment rooms.

-Screen. We ask that you do not come in if you are feeling sick, to please take your temperature upon arrival with the provided thermometer and fill out this survey for each visit,

With these extra regulations in place we are able to provide a safe enjoyment for you to adapt and thrive in. All you have to do is add a little extra time and steps to what was your normal gym routine. Pack a mask, fill out a survey, plan ahead by scheduling your time, wash your hands, give air high five to your friends, clean items you touch (not new, but a healthy reminder) and get your MOVEMENT IN!

Now that we have tackled the concerns of getting into the gym for your movement and how Edge Fitness is creating a safe environment, I want to talk to you about the benefits that you could take advantage of by training at a gym.

Working out at the gym provides these AWESOME benefits…

-You become a part of a community. With a community comes support. This support stays with you in and outside of the gym. Following everyone on Social Media and giving virtual encouragement to one another.

-You work harder. We are human, there is a little competitiveness in each one of us. When you see others working hard, you work just as hard. When you work hard, you see results

-You have more variety. More equipment to utilize on your strength or cardio days.

-Fewer distractions. The gym is an energetic environment, providing motivation the moment you step in the door. No distractions, just equipment and people accomplishing similar goals.

These are just a few benefits of getting into the gym for your movement. After reading this I’m sure you're thinking about times before the pandemic and how it felt to get into the gym. You will have that again when you feel the time is right to get back. There will just be a little distance, more sanitizer, masks and pre-planning involved.

If you're contemplating moving back to the gym and still have concerns, reach out to us at We want you to feel safe and comfortable during your training. This is for you to gather information to make a safe decision for YOU!

If you feel training at the gym is not the right choice for you, that is completely understandable. Just do one thing for me, don’t stop moving, GET MOVING and STAY MOVING. Find ways to move at home or even at the office during lunch hour. Stay tuned next week for some great tips on how to get the most out of your At-Home Workouts.


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