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How fitness can complement your life.

Here at Edge Fitness we believe that #fitnesshasaGREATERpurpose. This means each individual person is incorporating fitness into their life for their own purpose. Some may be training to walk for 15 minutes pain free and others to compete in a weight lifting competition. Whatever the purpose may be, one thing is true... Fitness CAN and WILL complement your life in many ways additional to the one goal you are working towards.

Let me ask you a question... When you have extra time available in your day (kids are taken care of, work is done, training is done, household chores are on pause) what is one of your favorite activities to do?

I said activities, but I’m not limiting you to choosing something that requires you to move your body. It may require focus, positive attitude or energy. This can be anywhere from reading, scrapbooking, playing a video game, gardening, hiking, racing, kayaking, golfing etc.

Now I want you to think about how fitness can compliment your favorite activity. This is something that we probably don’t think about unless its a sport. But the facts are that each activity can be improved and more enjoyed with regular fitness.

Fitness improves movement and physique but also improves your focus, energy level, mood and sleep patterns.

When you sleep better your body recovers better. This allows for you to have more energy to take on your regular daily tasks and free up time to enjoy your FAVORITE activity.

When you exercise you clear your mind and are able to focus on the task, activity or conversation you have that day. This allows for you to enjoy your FAVORITE activity by giving it the attention and focus it may need.

When you train to improve movement your body feels better. This allows for your body to feel good after your FAVORITE activity.

Fitness CAN and WILL compliment your life.

Think about what your GREATER PURPOSE is to continue with fitness, start a fitness journey or improve your fitness journey.

Remind your self of that purpose to harness the motivation.

Let fitness improve daily activities and make your free time activities MORE enjoyable.

Edge Fitness is here to help you on your journey or get you started.

Check us out on Facebook @edgefitia

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