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Movement matters in the New Year

This past year has tested us more than we imagined. Although 2020 has ended and new year has begun, there are challenges and changes we are still facing. So as we approach more changes with Covid -19 don’t give up on taking care of your self! Make staying healthy, physically and emotionally, a priority. When we make movement a daily habit we build our metabolism and make our bodies stronger and healthier. So turn the dial up and focus on incorporating more movement into your everyday. Try one of these daily habits to jump start your movement. Take a more active route by parking further from the entrance or take the stairs. Schedule in your activity; find that planner or calendar you got for Christmas and put it to use. Place a piece of equipment, like a kettlebell, in a space you are primarily in to trigger you to get up and do 5 squats. Get others involved; grab that individual who can help you on your journey just as much as you can help them. Go ahead turn the dial up and make movement matter in 2021.

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