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Recover to Optimize your results

You started the New Year out strong. Making it to the gym (home or in person) , getting your cardio days in and focusing on your nutrtion.

You are doing GREAT!

So how are you feeling?

Take a personal assessment and be honest with your self.

If you’re feeling tired and sore most days, you may be missing out on some important RECOVERY. I’m sure you heard it before but overtraining is possible and can have the opposite results that you are looking for. When you are experiencing overtraining you are more at risk for injury, you maybe be too drained to continue getting your workouts in and throw you off your routine, which in turn takes you further from your goals.

Don’t rush the process.

Don’t discount the importance of light activity and sleep.

Remember, you can only train as hard as you recover.

A great way to keep up on your recovery is to #getOTHERSinvolved. This can include technology, (Whoop bands, Fitbits and Apple Watches) friends and family, massage therapist and trainers. There are many ways. Edge Fitness is running a #getOTHERSinvolved Sweepstakes to help you achieve your GREATER purpose in fitness.

Check out this link to find out more about this opportunity!

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