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Calories In, Calories Out... @#$%!

Is it really that simple?! How can it be?! Calories in. Calories out. If it's that simple, why isn't it that easy???!!!

Well, as it turns out, nutrition isn't all that easy! But it can be simple(r) with the right knowledge being put into action (repeatedly! :)

So to help you make some sense of it all, along with more posts to come as we break all this down, here is a great resource from our friends over at Precision Nutrition with an excellent article (and audio!) on Calories In, Calories Out: Everything You Need To Know.

Once you've read the article, let us know your thoughts, your struggles, your successes and how we can help you with some outcome-based, results-driven, habit and nutrition coaching to go along with your movement, recovery and mindset efforts to get and keep you moving towards success! You can comment below, join our mailing list or contact us here.

#fitnesshasaGREATERpurpose and you can find yours here!

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